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We Make Fun Stuff that Makes People Smile

If you get our retro-pop, deadpan smiley-fueled humor, we have just the gifts for you

What We Make

Everything you need to party like it’s 1989

Channel your inner seventh grader—the one with a rad denim vest and the school supplies everyone envies. We make the stickers, pencils, patches, pins, socks, tees, and accessories that tie the whole vibe together—plus the perfect cards and gift essentials to go with it.

Meet our Risograph machine, Wanda

We named her that because half the time, she doesn’t Wanda print anything. But when she does? You’ll catch us happy dancing to her weird thumpy beat in the studio. Like all Risos, Wanda prints one color at a time, so the process is very hands-on and somewhat unpredictable. No two prints are 100% alike, which is just as well, because we love Wanda, quirks and all.

About Our Founder, Kate

Dear 90s Kate, we did it!

Thank an after school art class for setting the creation of Smarty Pants Paper Co. into motion. It was here that 9-year-old Kate screen-printed her first note card…and basically never stopped. Since then, Kate’s passion for art and printmaking has fueled some pretty epic adventures, from hand-printing stationery in a spare bedroom to driving across the country to exhibit at craft and stationery shows and connect with Smarty Pants Co. wholesalers.

Core Memories

All the hits from the 80s, 90s, 00s, and today


Kate’s First Screen Print

It was a Christmas card on a Gocco machine, and it was magical.


Leveling up the Art Skills

Kate graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design with a degree in painting.


Wedding Bells and Craft Fairs

After printing her own wedding invitations, Kate kept designing note cards and started selling them at craft fairs and on Etsy. Smarty Pants Co. was officially born.


Our First Risograph Machine

Kate found a two-color, 400-lb Riso on ebay and drove 4 hours to purchase it from a charity that was helping men recover from addiction.


Shiny, Happy Studio

Today, the Smarty Pants studio is located in Knoxville, TN, where Kate still prints the majority of paper products on her Risograph machine.

Clever Cards and Cool Gifts